Colchester Quaker Meeting House

[Formerly hosted at]

Room hire, training, interview and meeting venue - address:-

6 Church Street, COLCHESTER, Essex, England, CO1 1NF
Telephone (+44 1206)   
(10.00 to 16.00 hrs Monday to Friday please)


Four rooms are available for hire between 9.00am and 5.00pm and between 7.00pm and 10.00pm, Mondays to Fridays, except Bank Holidays and special Quaker events, when we are closed. They are: the James Parnell room (capacity about 60), the Meeting room (capacity about 80), the Children's room (capacity about 20) and the Committee room (capacity about 10). Current charges are as follows:-

Room hire fees (open Monday>Friday only) 0900>1300 1300>1700 0900>1700 1900>2200
Meeting/Parnell rooms £26 £26 £40 £26
Children's/Committee rooms £18 £18 £26 £18

ORGANISATIONS who wish to hire rooms must be approved by the Warden or Premises Committee of the Quaker Meeting. Certain categories, including religious groups and political parties would not be considered appropriate hirers. Acceptance of a room booking does not imply that the Quaker Meeting endorses or supports the aims or activities of the hirer - no such inference may be given in publicity. Hirers are advised to have public liability insurance against any risk that may arise in their activities.

THE MEETING HOUSE is a centre for Quakers in Colchester and the surrounding area, and the letting of rooms to outside organisations is subordinate to this function. Hirers are asked at all times to exercise due consideration for other users of the building and in particular to respect the forecourt and the lobby areas when reserved for the purposes of the Religious Society of Friends.  Bookings are accepted on a first come, first served basis. We reserve the right to move, cancel, suspend or alter bookings to ensure best use of the premises.

PUBLICITY for events at the Meeting House should bear a contact address or number for the organisers and should direct visitors to public car parks, of which the nearest is the Saint Mary's multi-storey. Charging for admission to the building is not allowed.

PAYMENTS Should be in cash or cheque payable to "Colchester Quaker Meeting". Please note that we do not accept payments by credit card, BACS direct transfer or Paypal

PARKING SPACE is not available to hirers - please brief visiting speakers !  In some circumstances, short-term permission may be issued by the Warden.  There is ample space at Saint Mary's car park.

ROOMS should be left clean after use and furniture replaced where found. Cleaning materials may be obtained from the kitchens. Please do not move furniture from one room to another without first consulting the Warden. People's attention should be drawn to the fire exit instructions displayed in meeting rooms.

SMOKING AND ALCOHOL are not permitted in the Meeting House under any circumstances, this includes the use of electronic vapour cigarettes. We do not permit gambling, lotteries or raffles on the premises.

USE OF THE KITCHENS is included in the hiring fees quoted above. There is a kitchen on each floor, containing kettles, teapots, crockery and washing up materials. The downstairs kitchen also contains a cooker and microwave. Hirers are required to provide their own consumables. Please bear in mind that the kitchens will often be shared. Hirers are required to wash up, dry and put away all equipment used before leaving.  If you are serving food in the Meeting House, we ask you to pay proper attention to food hygiene. Useful briefings are available on the website. See also our “Green Hints page” on environmental sustainability.

STORAGE space is extremely limited. Therefore, except where special arrangements have been made, hirers may not leave their property on the premises between meetings. Under no circumstances will Colchester Quaker Meeting accept liability for loss of or damage to any property left or stored in the Meeting House.

CLOSURE Please note that the Meeting House closes promptly at 5.00 in the afternoon and 10.00 in the evening. Hirers should ensure that they vacate the premises before these hours. The office is not open at the weekend nor between 5pm and 7pm weekdays; please avoid these times when telephoning.

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