Quaker Business Meeting Minutes

Local Meeting Minutes Sunday February 4th 2018

18.03 Minute of record

Friends being met in the presence of God, paragraph 10.01 of Quaker Faith and Practice was read at the start of this meeting. Advices and queries 27 were read during Meeting for Worship.

18.04 Appointments

We ask Rosalind Kaye to serve another three years on the Finance committee until the end of February 2021.. We thank her for her work in this position. A description of the work of this committee is now available and attached to these minutes.

We ask Rosalind Kaye to serve another three years on the Social Witness and Funding committee, until the end of February 2021. We thank her for her work on this committee. A description of the work of this committee is now available and attached to these minutes.

A list of the proposed Sunday collections for 2018 is on the notice board. A detailed list of the amounts collected in 2017 will be reported in the summer.

18.05 Testimony to the grace of God in the life of Denys Rendell

We ask Carol and Tim Holding and Julia Usher to prepare a Testimony to the grace of God the life of Denys Rendell for Area Meeting Book of Memorials. He was a longstanding and active Friend of this Meeting who died on September 16th 2017.

18.06 Visit of Isobel King

We record with thanks the visit of Dr. Isobel King, who has been working in Mulanje Hospital, Malawi for her informative and interesting illustrated talk on the locality and work of the hospital. She was able to describe the use to which our funds have been put. We wish her well in her GP training.

18.07 Essex Integration (Fresh beginnings) and interfaith activities

We thank Robert Parkes for his report on the activities of Essex Integration (previously known as Fresh Beginnings) which have taken place in Colchester in 2017. Members of our Meeting have been working as volunteers with this organisation during the year.

We have supported Essex Integration with a £200 a month donation during 2017. We agree to continue this donation for a further year..

We ask Robert Parkes to confirm with Essex Integration that our donation is going to them and inform the treasurer accordingly.

18.08 Possible outreach dates

We agree to open the Meeting House on Saturday September 8th 2018 from 10am to 4pm as part of the National Heritage weekend.

We remind Friends that Area Meeting Gathering will be held at High Leigh, Hertfordshire from October 12th to 14th 2018. Simon Best from Woodbrooke has been booked as our facilitator for this weekend.

18.09 Jack Fields legacy

We record that the Jack Fields’ legacy Governance group has met. £1,434.00 was spent in 2017 and £46,778.00 remains. We encourage Friends to apply for bursaries for any relevant educational, spiritual or pastoral purpose.

We ask the trustees of Area Meeting to consider the possibility of changing the terms of the legacy to widen the opportunity for others in our Local and Area Meeting to access these funds.

We also ask Elders to consider using these funds to encourage Friends to undertake a Woodbrooke course, such as ‘Equipping for Ministry’, together.

18.10 Poverty action in Colchester

We thank John Lewis for bringing this concern to our attention. Having a town centre Meeting House we are only too aware of the plight of the homeless and needy in Colchester. Being few in number we are unable to provide any meaningful service for these people, although individual Friends do support the work practically when and where they can.

We ask Area Meeting to consider making funds available to support the work of some of the organisations which support the homeless such as Beacon House, the St. Peter’s Church Hall project, the Night Bus and the Food Bank. We ask John Lewis, Sylvia Jeffcock and Jenny Linstead to put together a costed proposal to take to Area Meeting.

18.11 Responsibilities of Local meeting

We have prepared an annual report on the work of this Meeting, based on paragraph 4.33 of Quaker Faith and Practice. We ask the Clerk to forward this report to Area Meeting for information. Parts of this report may be used for inclusion in the Annual Financial Report of Area Meeting which will be sent to the Charity Commissioners. A copy of this report is attached to these minutes.

18.10 Renovation of the Meeting House

We recognise the overwhelming wish of Friends, coming from the results of the Questionnaire and Threshing day held in 2017, for a wholesale review of the provision, fabric and furnishing of our Meeting House.

In view of the size of the project, we ask Area Meeting to seek a Friend who can liaise with Premises Committee, Local Meeting, Area Meeting and 2 or 3 professional people to steer this project forward. We wish them to consider the list of suggestions put forward last year and to provide further costed proposals to enable us to decide what to do.

  • Present: 18
  • Members: 15
  • Attenders: 3

Signed: D. Anne Watkinson

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