Quaker Business Meeting Minutes

Local Meeting Minutes from Sunday June 4th 2017

17.33 Minute of record

Friends being met in the presence of God, paragraph 3.02 of Quaker Faith and Practice was read at the start of this meeting. Advices and queries 38 was read during Meeting for Worship.

17.34 Appointments

We record that Anne Watkinson has laid down the role of Chaplain at Essex University but will remain as our Quaker representative there until a replacement can be found.

17.35 Report from Wardenship Committee

We thank Robert Parkes for the report which is attached to these minutes.

We acknowledge the vital role that Mervyn Carter, our Warden plays and thank him for his service which is over and above his job description. We agree to the salary increase recommended by this committee. Relief Wardens are asked to read the review of dealing with “Callers to the door’. All Friends are recommended to note this advice which will be posted on the notice board.

We thank Liz and Bob Hurley for their service in organising the relief rota and we ask for more volunteers for this.

We thank Robert Parkes for his service as Clerk of this committee and ask Nominations committee to seek a replacement.

  • Present: 28
  • Members: 24
  • Attenders: 4

Signed: D. Anne Watkinson

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