Quaker Business Meeting Minutes

Local Meeting Minutes Sunday April 8th 2018

18.13 Minute of record
Friends being met in the presence of God, paragraph 20.11 of Quaker Faith and Practice was read at the start of this meeting. Advices and queries 7 were read during Meeting for Worship.

18.14 Appointments
We ask Peggy Lewis to serve another three years on the Premises committee until the end of April 2021. We thank her for her work as convener of this group for many years. We welcome Sylvia Jeffcock as the new convener of the group.

We ask Jet Grommel to serve as assistant clerk until the end of December 2018. We thank her for her service in this position. We ask Becky Hallewell also to serve as assistant clerk for the same period.

18.15 Colchester Citizens’ Alliance
We thank Dave Stanbury for his informative talk about the work of this Alliance in Colchester. As Friends are interested and would like to consider joining, we ask the clerk to write to the national organisation to ask for further details of what this would mean for our Meeting.
We understand that the purpose of this organisation is to provide social justice for those who do not usually have a voice. We also understand that members are not political nor businesses nor local authorities.

18.16 Report from Elders
We thank Charles Bather for giving a report on the work of Elders for the past year. We recognise that our group of Elders is small.

They have made several suggestions for the future:
that Elder and Overseers work as much as they can together and ask that all members and attenders consider supporting each other in friendship with an emphasis on personal contact;
reinstating ‘All things considered’ on the third Sunday of the month;
asking Ellen Cohen to encourage Friends to study the Woodbrooke programme ‘Equipping for ministry’;
working with young people;
following up a proposal of Joan Taylor’s;
working with new attenders, possibly booking the Kindlers for later in the year;
using Rosalind Kaye’s Quaker trail walk for a summer social Sunday.

We also ask the Clerk to investigate the practicability of using Wednesday evenings for a regular monthly short Meeting for Worship followed by a study group of some kind starting this summer.

18.17 Report from Overseers
We thank Phyl Reid for her report which is attached to these minutes, and her work as convener of this group over three years. We recognise the difficulties that Overseers have had owing to the reduction in their numbers. We have explored some of the dilemmas of attendance at Meeting for Worship and the listing of Members and Attenders.

18.18 Chaplaincy reports
Carol Holding reported on her work at Colchester Hospital as part of their Chaplaincy team for the past year. She visits weekly. We support her in this work.
Ecky Prolingheuer was prevented from reporting because Essex University have not yet approved his status as a chaplain.

  • Present: 20
  • Members: 16
  • Attenders: 4

Signed: D. Anne Watkinson

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