Quaker Business Meeting Minutes

Local Meeting Minutes from Sunday November 12th 2017

17.47 Minute of record
Friends being met in the presence of God, paragraph 20.17 of Quaker Faith and Practice was read at the start of this meeting. Advices and queries 13 was read during Meeting for Worship.

17.48 Christmas day 2017
We thank Valerie Graves for her offer to open the Meeting House on Christmas Day this year. We thank her for her many year’s service of doing this.

17.49 Appointments
We appoint our Friends Julia Usher, Ann Dowden, Rosalind Kaye, Phyl Reid, Eliza Jones and Robert Parkes to represent us at Area Meeting next week, November 19th, to be held in Colchester.

We thank Anne Watkinson for her three years representing us at the University of Essex in the chaplaincy and ask Ecky Prolingeuer to be chaplain there until the end of November 2020.

We thank Liz Hurley for her long and dedicated service for organising our rota for Assistant Wardenship, ably helped by Bob Hurley. She has asked to lay down this role. We appoint Sylvia Jeffcock to take over this role from the beginning of January until the end of December 2018.

17.50 Art exhibition
A very successful and interesting art and craft exhibition and sale was held in the Parnell Room on Saturday November 4th. Painting, photography, crafts and textile art were represented. An exhibition of the production of the Colchester panel of the Quaker tapestry was also staged. Refreshments were served. We thank Jenny and John Kay, Tim and Carol Holding, Ann Dowden and Susan Rhodes for mounting the exhibitions and the many friends who contributed work and supported the activity on the day. The event also attracted a steady trickle of interested people, many of whom had never been in the Meeting House before, making this an occasion of outreach.

We hope that this activity will be repeated in the future.

17.51 Finances
We thank Tom Tebbutt, Area Meeting treasurer for explaining the Area and Local Meeting financial situation to us. The accounts described will be presented to Area Meeting next week. A copy of the summary or the main report is attached to these minutes, with a full report available on the Area Meeting website.

The use of Plan Money for investment advice will be reviewed in 2018.

We thank our trustees for the careful monitoring of our financial affairs. We are reminded that we are all part of Area Meeting decision making.

17.52 Governance review
17.52i (Documents in advance 7) Children and young people
We thank Ian Brown, Jane Wolton and Sylvia Jeffcock among others who have served on our children’s committee over the years. Owing to the rarity of children or young people attending Meeting for Worship and the difficulty the committee has faced in meeting together, we agree to no longer have a formal children’s committee.

We ask Ian Brown to be our Children and Young Persons’ coordinator until the end of 2018. He has agreed to ensure that the children’s room and its resources will be kept in working order. He has agreed to set up All Age Worship on fifth Sundays and arrange for the Children’s Christmas party. We ask that he liaise with known families, possibly through a closed Facebook group,

We ask him, along with the clerk, to maintain a list of Friends who are DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked who could be asked to help should the need arise. We ask the clerk to be proactive in approaching Friends to become DBS checked.

We ask Julia Usher to purchase four small chairs to be kept permanently in the Meeting Room for very young children.

We will review the situation again in November 2018.

17.52ii (Documents in advance 6) Library
We appointed Freya Sandford as Librarian until the end of May 2018. She is able to call on Friends who volunteer for help.

The suggestion that we should not have a library at all has been opened. We recognise that this suggestion needs more careful discernment which could form part of the refurbishment consideration.

  • Present: 16
  • Members: 15
  • Attenders: 1

Signed: D. Anne Watkinson

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