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Other Quaker Organisations

Friends House, the central office of the Quakers in the UK
More information on Quakers plus links to other local meetings and Quaker organisations.

Sections of the Friends House website dealing with particular issues:-

Twitter timeline for @BritishQuakers .....

Our neighbouring Quaker meetings:-

Young Friends General Meeting  [Follow on Twitter]
Information, what's on, updates on the Young Quaker scene in the UK.

Quaker Lesbian and Gay Fellowship
QLGF is a welcoming and supportive group for Quakers of all sexualities and those who, while not Quakers, are in general sympathy with the Quaker thought and lifestyle.

North Essex and South Suffolk Area Meeting website
Our local group

Mid Essex Area Meeting Quaker website
The Area Meeting comprises Billericay, Chelmsford, Maldon, Shenfield and Witham meetings

Two UK Quaker study centres, Charney Manor, near Oxford, and Woodbrooke College [Follow on Twitter], in Birmingham.

Quaker Universalist Group Providing a forum for discussion of the diverse views of spirituality as experienced by Friends of all faiths or none

The Quaker Council for European Affairs, Brussels [Follow on Twitter]

The Quaker United Nations Office, Geneva

Friends House in Moscow

Quaker Bolivia Link  Interesting site detailing Quaker work in education and the relief of poverty.

Quaker Concern for Animals campaign website

Quaker Concern Over Population campaign website

Pendle Hill Quaker Study Centre in Wallingford, Philadelphia, USA

The Friend
Britain's weekly Quaker journal. [Follow on Twitter]

Quaker Tapestry
Quaker Tapestry exhibition at Kendal Meeting House.  Colchester Quakers embroidered the panel which refers to "Opening the Minds of our Children". [Follow on Twitter]

Quaker Family History Society
The best starting place for genealogists researching family history within the Quaker movement

British Quaker Meeting House photograph collection
Many taken by the collator of the collection, our member John Hall

Local information

Colchester Council website with local attraction guides and what's on information.

Local area information site on Colchester, Britain's oldest recorded town.

Friends of Colchester's Roman Walls. Dedicated to preserving the walls and helping educate people on their heritage

Walk Colchester Interesting site suggesting tourist/leisure walks around Colchester, including one of Quaker historical sites

“Jumbo” - the gigantic water tower just to the north of our Meeting House has its own website

Environmental concerns

Bennison Farm
Thorrington's lovely community-supported agriculture initiative, welcomes members and provides veggie box scheme during the summer

Eat Green
How changing your diet can make a huge difference to the climate chaos crisis

En-Form: Colchester's Environment Information centre
En-Form organises a local Farmers' Market in Colchester Arts Centre, Church Street on the morning of the first Friday of each month.

Enough Campaign
The campaign against mindless and wasteful consumerism - great cartoons.

Equality Trust
Working to reduce inequality and poverty on the UK   [Follow on Twitter]

Frugal Living
Excellent web page for information on voluntary simplicity and sustainable living.

Happy Planet Index
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) measures all the stuff that can be counted but which does little to contribute to happiness. Happy Planet relates resource costs to welfare attained - the social return on investment.

Hedgehog Haven
Colchester and Clacton charity with advice and help to look after our spiney friends. They will try to rehome injured or sick hedgehogs if you find one - contact numbers on website

Transition Town Colchester
Working to lead Colchester into a post-oil future [Follow on Twitter]

Vegan Society
Comprehensive information on adopting an ethical, vegan lifestyle [Follow on Twitter]

World News for Life: Local Vegan campaign
Great local website offering news, campaigns, recipes and events calendar

Peace, Justice and Nonviolence

Amnesty International UK office
The world's foremost human rights promotion campaign.  Take a look at their “Individuals at Risk ” action page and join their mailing list.  By writing a letter you can help save people from torture or death with nothing more than a few minutes of your time and a postage stamp or an email. [Follow on Twitter]

International Campaign to Ban Depleted Uranium Weapons
Depleted uranium is a very hard and dense metal used in armour piercing munitions.  It is radioactive and chemically toxic.  It is believed to cause cancer and birth deformities.  Its use is dangerous, unnecessary and causes great suffering.  It should be banned. [Follow on Twitter]

Ethical Consumer Magazine
A totally independent co-operative, Ethical Consumer is the UK's leading ethical and environmental consumer magazine.
For over 20 years they have been researching brands, products and companies, and rating them against 19 animal welfare, environmental and human rights criteria. [Follow on Twitter]

Campaign Against the Arms Trade
Britain is fourth in the league of arms exporting countries around the world.  We spend millions of pounds of tax revenue promoting arms sales, including exports to countries with terrible records of human rights abuses.  Why can't we spend our resources saving lives, not killing people ? [Follow on Twitter]

Colchester Fairtrade
The campaign to promote Colchester as a “Fairtrade Town”, encouraging the sale of products that give producers a far better deal and the opportunity to earn a decent living

Campaign to monitor and oppose recruitment to the armed forces in the UK, especially the presence of forces advertising military careers in UK schools [Follow on Twitter]

No Glory in War
Campaign to counter the glorifcation of war during the 100th anniversary of world war one
[Follow on Twitter]

Peace Direct
Direct, tanglible support for local activists in conflict zones worldwide, people building peace, stopping violence, saving lives, healing their own communities. [Follow on Twitter]

Fights injustice and abuse around the world, especially active against the death penalty
[Follow on Twitter]

Restorative Justice Council
Very interesting site on alternative ways of looking at real Justice, not just punishment or revenge.
Challenging and well worth a visit.

Alternative Media resources

Independent Media Collective (UK)
One of a network of cooperative-run media websites giving a view of what's really going on in the world, not what the mainstream media wants you to believe.  Note the links to “sibling” groups around the world.

International Middle East Media Centre
IMEMC is a media center developed in collaboration between Palestinian and International journalists to provide independent media coverage of Israel-Palestine.

Red Pepper magazine
Excellent and highly readable publication for the social change activist community.
Paper subcription is also recommended. [Follow on Twitter]

Z Magazine
Very powerful, comprehensive and well written site for all who want to learn what is really going on in the world.
This is the media as it should be.

Democracy Now ! 
United States based internet radio/TV station that provides podcast programmes having a progressive and engaging view of the news, both American and international. A refreshing change from the usual corporate bias and silence on the issues that matter.

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