Colchester Quaker Meeting House

Sunday Children's Classes and Crèche

Rejoice in the presence of children and young people in your meeting and recognise the gifts they bring.  Remember that the meeting as a whole shares a responsibility for every child in its care.  Seek for them, as for yourself, a full development of God's gifts and the abundant life Jesus tells us can be ours.  How do you share your deepest beliefs with them while leaving them free to develop as the spirit of God may lead them ?  Do you invite them to share their insights with you ?  Are you ready both to learn from them and accept your responsibilities towards them ?

Advices & Queries, number 19


Colchester Quaker Meeting welcomes children of all ages to join in with our children's class and crèche on Sunday mornings during Meeting for Worship.  We plan a varied programme of activities which hopefully captures the children's enthusiasm and informs and inspires them to enquire and explore further. Please note that Children's meeting may be cancelled around the school holidays.

For under-threes we try to provide a crèche and suitable play materials.  For three to elevens, we have a regular programme exploring a variety of relevant topics, both indoors and outdoors. 

We also have celebrations like an Easter egg hunt, Christmas Parties, welcoming new babies, occasionally, all-age worship and shared lunches.  We also sometimes go on outings to local places of interest and further afield, like Cadbury's World and to join the London Peace Walk.  In the summer, we hope to go camping for the weekend.  All these activities help us to belong to a wider community.

Practical Issues

Please bring your child into meeting at the start. After about 10 minutes the leaders for the day will quietly gather up the children and take them upstairs to the children's room.  Please feel free to join us for the whole meeting or for as long as you feel appropriate.  We usually start the children's meeting with a period of quiet gathered around a candle, for news sharing time and taking of the register.  If your child is distressed, or needs the toilet, we will come and get you.

At the end of meeting we will come and find you.  The children then become your responsibility, so please take them out for a drink or to play in the Parnell Room before or after the notices.

For further details please contact Alison Parkes on 01206 523235 or by email here
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